Advance Adgressor® 3820D Rider Scrubber - 38" Disk, 312AH

Item # 56390889-EA

  • QuickChange[TM] deck system. Smart Solutions[TM]. Powerful drive motor. One-Touch system activation. No-tools maintenance access.
  • Brush drive: 0.6 hp (3); Brush speed: 250 rpm
  • (6) 312 AH wet batteries, onboard charger; Voltage: 36 Volt
  • Vacuum motor: 0.75 hp 3-stage; Squeegee width: 42.1"
38" Disk, 312AH, OB Charger, ea
Manufacturers Item #56390889
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Combining large scrub decks and solution capacities with maneuverability and speed, the Adgressore delviers hgih productivity. A steel chassis and metal bumpers stand up to tough operating environments while thick high density polyethylene tanks will not dent, crack, or corrode. One-Touch[TM] activation of scrub system. All systems start and stop with machine motion.

(6) 312 AH wet batteries, onboard charger; Voltage: 36 Volt.


  • Comfortable full size operator compartment has excellent field of vision with Clear-View[TM] sight lines.
  • Large recovery tank opening provides easy, unobstructed cleaning.
  • High capacity and rugged polyethylene solution and recovery tanks are crack, dent and chemical resistant.
  • Solution tank has EasyFlow[TM] drain hose, for clean and controlled dumping.
  • (3) pad holders and (1) detergent cartridge 1.25 gallons.
  • UltraFlow[TM] unique design increases air speed in squeegee for better pick up and dryer floors.
  • QuickChange[TM] no tools interchangeable deck system.
  • Heavy-duty side skirts leave floors dry and safe.
  • Metal bumpers for added machine protection.
  • Mechanical safety brake with parking brake standard.
  • Steering column is adjustable for comfort: tilts upright for easy boarding.
  • Variable volume horn and backup alarm are standard.
  • One Touch[TM] control panel for all scrub functions. Includes all indicators/gauges.
  • The Advance Adgressor[R] can grow with your company. The scrub deck interchangeability allows a larger, more productive scrub deck to be installed to address a growing company's increasing square footage.


  • Max Productivity at 4.0 mph: 61,600 ft2/hr
  • Max Productivity at 2.5 mph: 38,500 ft2/hr
  • Solution Tank: 42 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank: 42 Gal.
  • Scrub Deck: Manual-adjusting side skirts contain solution
  • Brush Pressure: Programmable 3 settings up to 250 lb.
  • Drive System: 1.5 hp motor with gear transmission, band brake and dynamic braking. Programmable speeds up to 4.5 mph.
  • Gradeability: Transport 20%/11.5 deg., working (scrubbing) - 8%/4.6 deg.
  • Min. Turn-Around Aisle Width: 63" on a machine with a 32" deck
  • Solution Control: Smart Solutions[TM] is standard providing better water and chemical utilization and fewer dump and refill cycles.
  • Sound Level: 68 dB A at operator's position
  • Frame Dimensions: 61" L x 32" W x 53" H
  • Weight: Machine only 657 lb. With full tank and standard batteries 1,553 lb.