Hillyard Gator Hygiene Mats

A fully disposable hygiene mat with built-in natural antimicrobial protection. In restrooms, urine can migrate into the floor and grout surfaces where it becomes the source of odor-causing bacteria. Traps urine before it gets into the floor surface, eliminating the source of odor-causing bacteria. The EPA registered, antimicrobial infused Fosshield® technology incorporated into these mats reduces and helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and destructive odor causing bacteria on the mats. Designed to contain moisture when liquid is spilled on the floor and cannot be immediately removed, reducing the potential for slip/fall accidents. Certified moisture barrier backing. Super absorbent top cloth.


Hillyard Gator Hygiene Mat - 18" x 20", Small

18" x 20", Small, 6/cs
Manufacturers Item #HIL22310

Hillyard Gator Hygiene Mat - 30" x 36", Large

30" x 36", Large, 2/cs
Manufacturers Item #HIL22311